what we believe

We believe that our world belongs to God. We also believe that God made us so that we would love, honor and serve Him.  But all of us have chosen to rebel against God. We now live in a world full of desperation and despair. And although there is much suffering and pain in this world, we deceive ourselves into thinking that we can live by our own resources. We have rejected God and as a result we have all come under His judgment.

But because God is a God of grace and love, he has provided a way for us to escape the judgment we so justly deserve. Jesus Christ, God's only Son, took upon himself the judgment of God for us. Jesus Christ died for our sins on the Cross. 

But death was not the victor, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead! We believe that only by turning from our sin to Jesus Christ can we begin to enjoy and delight in God again. 

We also believe in the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christian believers. We believe that the Bible is God's complete and true Word. And we believe that by grace our Lord Jesus Christ both called us to a life of grateful service in this world, and offered us eternal life with him in heaven. 

Our beliefs are summarized in the historic summaries of faith, including:
Apostles’ CreedNicene CreedAthanasian CreedHeidelberg CatechismBelgic ConfessionThe Canons of Dort, and Our World Belongs to God.

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