what is

Christian Reformed?

Faith Church is part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. 

We call ourselves Christian because we are followers of Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  Our most important beliefs about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, creation and the Bible are shared by Christians around the world. 

We’re called Reformed because we grew on a branch of the church tree that was heavily influenced by the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth-century Europe. Various leaders sought to reform the Roman Catholic Church but ended up sparking a new movement of separate Christian churches.  The teachings of the Reformer John Calvin made a great impact in the Netherlands, England, and Scotland.  The churches influenced by Calvin became known as "Reformed."  This name was transplanted in North America with the arrival of Dutch immigrants.

We believe God has called us together as a Church to be a people who belong to him and are called to live for him.


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