covid-19 policy update

for worship services as of Jan. 23, 2022

Dear Faith Church Family,


This past Tuesday evening council had a discussion about COVID concerns and how these concerns relate to our responsibility toward our church family.  Many of our church family have experienced COVID infections within their immediate or extended families, and some have lost family members.  We also have heard from people who have seen or experienced first-hand the horrible struggles of hospitals trying to handle the influx of patients and to deal with the seriously ill and dying.  We have again been called to pray for our health care workers.


Even though COVID cases locally are gradually decreasing, they still remain much higher than we had hoped.  Therefore, for Sunday worship services, we are going back to the policy of wearing masks except while seated in the sanctuary or standing to sing.  Our Sunday worship policy can be summarized as follows:

  • We recommend mask wearing at all times while in the building except while seated in the sanctuary for worship or standing for singing.
  • The east overflow is reserved for those wearing masks throughout the worship service.
  • Coffee will not be served, but we encourage you to move to and spread out in the fellowship hall for after-church fellowship.  Do not congregate in the foyer.

We recognize there are widely differing views about COVID and understand that many of you may not agree with this policy.  However, we ask you to join with us in loving one another by doing what we can to protect and serve each other.


Faith's Council